Yes. You must acquire Internet from one of Atop's authorized internet providers to view the AtopTV service. If you don’t know one please contact AtopTV and we will assign one for you in your area. The internet is the way that Atop TV transports the signal to your set top box so that you may watch your favorite shows.

Atop TV is currently available in most major cities and surounding areas in Canada. We are always expanding and hope to have service in other areas soon.

Simply contact one of our ISP resellers. If you don’t know one please contact AtopTV and we will assign one for you in your area We will be glad to explain everything you need to know about Atop TV.

Atop TV provides television service at a competitive price that includes local and approved live programing governed by the CRTC. Other than the Skinny Basic which is mandated by the CRTC you have total freedom to mix and match what you want to watch. Its your choice what to watch. Buy one channel or a hundred channels. Its up to you and again its your choice.

Switching to Atop is easy. Just sign up with one of our authorizes ISPs if you don’t have an ISP call Atop, cancel your current provider and we take care of the rest. We'll schedule your internet installation on the same date as your cancellation date, so there is no service interruption. Please note, typically your current provider will require 30 days advance notice for cancellation.

Atop TV is television products, which are delivered using the Internet service also known as IPTV (Internet Prodical TV ). It's a different way of communicating information that is far more superior then the old cable tv.

AtopTV currently does not have a PVR service.

The only way to enjoy ATOP's TV programming is to purchase a Set-Top-Box for each TV in your home. If you already have a Roku, Andriod or Apple tv box chances are you will not need anything else.

If you purchase your system from an authorized Atop Reseller, you can start enjoying your TV and internet from 10 to 30 days.

The following Set-Top-TV Boxes will work on our service.

Apple 4 or better.

Roku 3 or better (do not buy the cheapest Roku model)

Amazon Fire Stick

Android 7 or better. ** Please note there are hundreds of android boxes in the market. We don't guarantee that all features will work on them. 90% of these boxes have access to only the Google telephone store which does not allow our updates to reach the box. If you purchase an Android box you must get one that will be capable to access the Google TV store to be able get you updates. We will not be responsible if your TV box stops working due to the use of a noncompatible TV box and there may be a charge to update them.**

The Set-Top-Box we are using is loaded with features such as HDMI, Full HD, wireless connectivity, etc. The current price for the Set-Top-Box is for Roku 3 or better $40.00 to $100.00 Android 7 or better $50.00 to $300.00. Apple 4 or better $180.00. Amazon Fire Stick $40.00 to $60.00.

Set-Top-Boxes can be purchsed at any stores that sells televisions and computers such as Costco, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Ebay etc.

Most ISPs will provide a professional basic installation included in the subscription fee.

This includes the istallation of the router, the TV set-top-box. Please consult your ISP if you need additional equipment installed.