About Us

A legal solution for cable cutters.

There is a lot of coverage about people who are "cutting the cable" and now the new generation of "cable Nevers". We all know what the expression "cutting the cable" means but what is a "cable never"?

The so-called "cord-Nevers" is a consumer who never chooses to subscribe to traditional cable or satellite TV in the first place.

What is ATOP TV?

We decided early on to use the Roku and Apple TV platform. Almost everyone has them, and we have found that a user with Netflix is more inclined to move to the ATOP service since

A. They already own the device
B. They are familiar with how it works and
C. The Netflix experience is causing the household to challenge the legacy cable expense

Our services are more competative than similar service providers and does not provide a proprietory and expensive settop box to purchase or rent.

Second, Cost of Service.

Our Channel line up, in our view, is our secret sauce. When you do a ‘bake off’ of the ATOP Skinny vs. the legacy Cable TV on the Internet offers the ATOP always wins. Simply put, it is a better channel line up at a much better value.


We had a goal to provide inexpensive TV. At the time the options were a higher definition (4K) and more complicated marketing bundles, instead, we settled on low-cost platforms of Apple, Roku and Amazon Fire Stick. An agent-based distribution channel as our preference and better support. So far so good.